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Annelyse Desbois

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I was born in Brittany in North-West France, where I lived most of my childhood. After my baccalauréat (the French equivalent to A levels), I studied biology for three years before going to Toulouse in Southern France to study veterinary medicine. While a veterinary student, I went to a practice in Ireland using a grant from the Leonardo program, and following my graduation, this is where I got my first job as a vet. I stayed in this position for a little while before deciding to move on to Northern Ireland and then went to Scotland, and ultimately to England, where I’ve now been living since 2012.

While broadening my horizon, travelling has taught me to adapt to a new language, different customs and ways of living. I also learned to get organised and efficient at settling in a new place and making the most of my situation. But it has essentially been really enjoyable for me as I got to meet some lovely people and new cultures.

Living abroad is a wonderful experience, be it for human contacts, discovering new landscapes, or getting new opportunities. I am extremely grateful to have had those experiences and I look forward to helping you achieve your own ambitions.

About Live in France

Live in France was created after I realised I needed a career change. I particularly enjoy helping people as well as animals, and being useful. I also want to share the knowledge I’ve gathered during my travelling experiences. Thus, I created Live in France to make your life in France a reality and a stress-free experience.

Although I’ve been living in Britain for many years, I am French and feel French, and I know my country well along with all its puzzling habits and ways of doing things. It is important for me that your move to France is a successful one, because I love my country and I want you to love it too.

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About the process


After you’ve been in touch, I will offer you an appointment to discuss your needs and requirements and to make sure I understand the ways you would like me to help you. This appointment can be done at your home if you live in the North Shropshire area, on the phone, or on Skype.

This first appointment is free of charge and will allow me to understand your situation in order to help you as best as possible (charges apply for travel).


At the end of the consultation, I will offer the service(s) that will be of particular interest to you. I will write a contract specifying the service(s) used and the final cost, in case of packages; and/ or the estimated time in case of à la carte service. I will then ask you to sign this contract.


Once I’ve received the signed contract and a payment has been made, I will start work on your project. I will inform you of the steps and paperwork involved as well as acting on your behalf when possible.

During my work, I will provide you with regular updates on my progress by text, phone call, or email; whichever you choose.

About the pricing

I have kept my pricing as simple and transparent as possible. There is no hidden cost and no discount. I will make very clear what is included in the cost and this will also appear in your contract.

Each package is priced individually at £60. Whatever the amount of time that I spend on your project and no matter the complications involved, you are always sure of the amount to be paid. I will explain the full services offered in the package(s) relevant to you during our first consultation. A full payment will be required before I start to work on the package(s) chosen.

The à la carte service is priced at an hourly rate of £60 per hour with 15min increments. I will keep you up to date with my work so that you keep control of the cost. I will give you an estimate at the time of writing the contract but the invoice produced after completion of the work will be the final amount to be paid. I will require a deposit of £15 before starting work for any à la carte service

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